AHA Protectio Shampoo 250ml

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A product for daily care intended for all types of scalp and hair. It nourishes and protects the skin and hair from the harmful effects of the environment. Thanks to the content of: wheat proteins, vitamin A, vitamin E, silk, vitamin C, fatty acids of linseed oil, lactic acid, mandelic acid and glycolic acid, it nourishes, moisturizes and protects the scalp and hair against the harmful effects of free radicals, while slowing their aging. The AHA acids contained in the shampoo additionally exfoliate the callous and dead skin accumulated in the hair follicles and on the scalp, ensuring better absorption of active substances.

How to use:

Apply on damp hair and massage gently. Rinse carefully and repeat the operation.

Trichology advice: Keep 2-3 minutes before rinsing.

Recommended for:

  • - all kinds of  hair 


Volume: 250ml



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AHA Protectio Shampoo 250ml