Detox Compound 100ml

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Detox Compound

This lotion completes the Detox Treatment by intensifying the effect of protection from external agents, it also helps to maintain the natural balance of the hydrolipidic mantel.

Method of use:

Spread evenly 2-4 ml of the product (1-2 pipettes) and gently rub into the scalp. Do not rinse!

Use 2-3 times a week

It is recommended to supplement the treatment with the Detox Hair Pack mask

Volume: 100ml


Kaolin: cleans deeply the skin absorbing the excess of sebaceous secretions and stimulates the microcirculation. It has soothing action, also suitable for sensitive skin prone to reddening.

Burdock: also indicated for the preparation of products for sensitive, impure skin with acneic tendency.

Equisetum: it is used for its astringent and sebum regulator proprieties.

Birch: astringent, antiseptic, purifying function.


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Detox Compound 100ml