Detox Hair Pack 125ml

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Detox Hair Pack

Suggested for a deep purifying treatment and for the prevention against dermatitis and irritation, caused by pollution. It is a valuable product for sensitive, irritated scalp and in cases of excess of seborrhea.

The mask was created with the goal of gentle cleansing at home. The scalp, as well as the face and body, needs good cleansing. Otherwise, clogging, sebaceous plugs (from heat, styling, salts contained in water and other things) will form in the bulbs, which impede hair growth and development, provoke dandruff and other troubles. Therefore, trichologists are trying to create various products: peels that require professional use, and scrubs with a fairly aggressive effect.

And the Eliokap brand has developed an almost perfect product suitable for cleansing any type of skin - DETOX - MASK, which gently cleanses, removes sebum, toxins and dissolves keratinized epithelium. In the case of dry skin, a detox mask is preferable to peeling, due to milder cleansing, removal of dead cells, without injuring the skin and maintaining hydration, without a feeling of tightening. On oily skin, a detox mask removes oxidized sebum, dissolves sebaceous plugs, giving a lasting feeling of purity and freshness. Interestingly, this mask can be fully used for facial skin.
The effect is the same as described above. 

How to use:
Apply a mask to the scalp, massage, wash with shampoo.

Volume: 125ml


Kaolin - a white clay of volcanic origin. Cleans the mouth of the hair follicles from sebaceous plugs, the remains of styling products and dead skin cells. Harmonizes fat balance, soothes sensitive and irritated skin.

Erythritol - an active moisturizing component that helps retain moisture in the skin for a long time.

Hydrolyzed wheat proteins - penetrating the hair follicle, stimulate the production of keratin.

Arnica mountain extract - one of the best microcirculation stimulants. It also has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Andiroba oil - rich in vitamin F, has a pronounced anti-age effect, prolonging the growth phase of the hair follicle. It blocks enzymes that cause fibrosis of the skin and hair follicle.

Argan oil - has a powerful antioxidant effect, due to the record content of vitamin E, omega-3 and 9. Restores the life cycle of hair follicles.


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Detox Hair Pack 125ml