Multi-energy and antioxidant Serum 6x15ml

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In order to bring help and to treat in a considerable way the hair loss problems, fragile hair and without vitality, ORising proposes a SERUM enriched with bud-derivants, with antioxidant, draining, nourishing and rebalancing properties of the physiological vital cycle of the hair.

Stresses, environmental pollution, balance disorders in the body contribute to the release of free radicals (oxidants) - harmful accumulations that accelerate cells aging process. Hair and scalp respond quickly to these changes and hair loss, dandruff and fat scalp begins. Hair becomes weak and unviable. With all these problems, multi-energy serum will help you.
The serum is enriched with kidney buds extracts of beech, beryose, black currant, nourishes and restores the physiological cycle of hair life. Accelerates growth, promotes the revival, strengthening and regeneration of new cells, prevents hair loss, enriching the scalp with oxygen and nutrients. The remedy is effective in combating alopecia of any kind.

How to use:
- Apply 7.5 ml of serum on hair parting, immediately rubbing the product
- Leave to 5-10 minutes, wash with water

Volume: 6x15ml


Ivy – astringent, healing, bactericidal, draining action
Lotus flower – purifying, refreshing, emollient action
Pomegranate – antioxidant, astringent action
Olive – antioxidant, reparative action
Black currant – astringent, refreshing, antioxidant action
Birch – purifying, reinforcing action
Beeh tree – refreshing, calming action
Rice proteins – hydrating, nourishing action
Pine – antiseptic, disinfectant, cleansing action
Peppermint: disinfecting and healing, antiseptic, antibacterial properties
Country peppermint – antiseptic, stimulating and tonic properties
Eucalyptus – antiseptic, refreshing, antifungal action


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Multi-energy and antioxidant Serum 6x15ml