Treatment against Greasy Dandruff

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This treatment has been studied to help against all those problems of scalp with greasy dandruff. In synergy with Complex A, this combination of products can sensibly reduce the production of greasy dandruff, which could bring to the occlusion of the follicle and as a consequence the loss of the hair.

The set allows for 10-12 treatments. 

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Apply: once for 2 weeks

Lotion Complex A 150ml

The deep cleansing action of Complex A favors the oxygenation of the scalp and of the hair bulb cells. It is indicated for all scalp types, in particular in cases of seborrhea, hair loss, dandruff, and prepares the scalp to receive at best the specific treatments. After leaving the product in for a few minutes, you can proceed with the specific treatment you choose.

Natural Active Ingredients against Greasy Dandruff 100ml

The synergy of Maidenhair, Lavender, Juniper and Lemon has antiseptic, purifying and refreshing action.

Shampoo with Greasy Dandruff 250ml + Phyto-essence 6x4ml

The shampoo with the phyto-essence, purifies and cleans respecting the scalp.

Lotion against Dandruff 100ml

It completes the treatment against greasy dandruff. This lotion contains a high concentration of natural active ingredients such as Iceland Moss, Birch and Maidenhair and it favors a balanced scalp cleansing progressively reducing the dandruff flacking.


Purifying Deep Cleansing Treatment

Purifying ORising  PURIFYING line, which includes...

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Dandruff Shampoo NaturHarmony 250 ml


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Shampoo Eliokap 500ml + Phyto-essence Caduta 6x4ml

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Treatment against Greasy Dandruff