Lozione Calmanti 100ml


Top Level helps to solve and prevent all the anomalies of every kind of hair and scalp. The extracts and the essential oils used, all come from natural biological agriculture.

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Being exposed to many forms of aggression everyday, the scalp undergoes to an alteration of the hydrolipidic mantel. For that reason, the scalp can be deprived of part of its own microflora, becoming fragile and suitable soil for the development of germs, that can cause significant problems, such as irritation, redness, itching, flaking.

The active ingredients contained in the Calming Lotion have a balancing action on the ecoflora of the scalp and a moisturizing action.  Centella Asiatica has always been used in traditional Indian medicine and has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.
The presence of Stem Cells of Syringa Vulgaris have anti-inflammatory and sebum-balancing action.

This product is perfectly recommended to people with irritated scalps, very sensitive scalps and scalp with desquamation.

Capacity: 100ml


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Lozione Calmanti 100ml