Orising Luce 24K Gold Gift Box

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Our ORising Gift Boxes are available in a variety of bundles to make gift giving a breeze for the most special occasions!
Choose from a number of different Skin Care or Hair Care packages to find the right gift for that special someone. The end of the year holidays could be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of it!

The box kit include: 

1.24 K Gold Shampoo with Hyaluronic Acid 250ml

An innovative product, with a special enriched formula, result of the new biotechnological researches. Orising Luce gives light to your hair. Thanks to the numerous cherished ingredients contained in Orising Luce 24 K Gold Shampoo with Hyaluronic Acid, your hair appears more luminous, bright and thick.

2.OrisingLuce 24K Gold Mask with Hyaluronic Acid 125 ml

The synergy between Hyaluronic Acid, 24 K Gold, Silk Protein and Pomegranate Extract create a luxurious and regenerating mask that gives light to your hair. Orising Luce 24 K Gold Mask with Hyaluronic Acid gives light to the lengths, leaving the hair thick, soft and silky, giving them an healthy and lively look.

3.Gel Detergente IgienOrising 100ml

Hand cleasner with sanitzing action. Hand cleanser with lavender, lemon, thyme and propolis extracts. Practical and effcient in all occasions you cannot wash your hands. Its sanitizing action helps to get a deep cleansing, leaving hands pleasantly scented


Beauty treatment with 24k Gold and Hyaluronic Acid

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Orising Luce 24K Gold Gift Box