Orising Luce Gold Lamination


ORisingLuce Gold Lamination makes your hair more shiny and sparklingimproving its appearance

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ORisingLuce Gold Lamination makes your hair more shiny and sparkling, improving its appearance. The treatment creates a reflective light film that gives the hair the glossy mirror effect, typical of this new trend. Our Gold Lamination is of great help on brittle and damaged hair, and curly and frizzy hair also benefit from this treatment.  


Orising Gold Lamination uses functional ingredients, such as 24 Karat gold, hyaluronic acid, wheat proteins and pomegranate extracts and apple stem cells, which in the synergy help to give silkiness, brightness, and elasticity to the hair. 


1.OrisingLuce 24 K Gold Shampoo with Hyaluronic Acid 250ml

2.OrisingLuce 24K Gold Mask with Hyaluronic Acid 125ml

3. OrisingLuce Lamination Activator 500ml

4. OrisingLuce Illumination Fluid 60ml

The lamination treatment should be customized according to the type of hair on which you make the service: installation times must be modified and customized according to the hair structure, to the length, the amount of hair and to the desired gloss 



1. Clean your hair with ORisingLuce Gold Shampoo 24k: distribute 10ml of pure product on the hair and proceed with washing. Leave on for a minute. Rinse off.  

TIP: If the hair is very dull and thin, we can leave it on for a few more minutes. If the hair is particularly dirty make two shampoos. 


2. Dab your hair thoroughly with a towel. Mix 20g of ORisingLuce Gold Mask 24K + 10g of ORisingLuce Lamination Activator.  

TIP: Change the doses of the product according to the length and bulk of the hair: important to maintain the ratio 2 : 1. 


3. Apply the synergy with a brush on the hair starting from the hair shaft basis, concentrating on lengths and ends.  

TIP: The hair must be completely covered by the product. 


4. Take a towel, dab the excess product, and blow dry very well. 

TIP: The hair will remain damp for the mix that is oily. 


5. Pass the infrared plate on the hair, to a maximum temperature of 150 ºC, to transfer the product among the scales of the cuticle. It is normal to hear a creak when the plate passes over the strands (medium size) due to the oily mix. Allow to cool for a few minutes. 


6. Rinse carefully with tepid water. Dab the hair and then apply with fingertips a few drops of ORisingLuce Illuminating Fluid on the lengths. Proceed with the desired drying.  

TIP: As soon as the Lamination is done, we recommend not to use other styling products 


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Orising Luce Gold Lamination