Organic Essence 100ml


Top Level helps to solve and prevent all the anomalies of every kind of hair and scalp. The extracts and the essential oils used, all come from natural biological agriculture.

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Organic Essence

It is a complex of seven extracts coming from certified biological cultivations. It helps to stimulate the production of keratin and the natural hair growth. Its use is in synergy with the Hair Loss Treatment. ORGANIC ESSENCE thanks to the action of various plant extracts, is an ideal, natural, simple and helpful solution for people who have thin hair or slow hair growth.

 Recommended for: 

  • Thin and damaged hair
  • Daily care
  • Hair Loss


How to use:

Massage into a clean head, do not rinse. Use twice a week.

Volume: 100 ml


It contains a complete and multi-valent range of natural products with high cosmetic value, the combined action of which allows you to effectively fight problems and adjust the treatment to individual needs.

Eliokap Top Level products are based on highly purified extracts and essential oils of peppermint, juniper, sage, burdock, nettle, lavender, chamomile, thyme and biologically active extracts from embryonic apple and lilac cells, as well as hydrolyzed keratin and wheat proteins, vitamins E, A and provitamins.

All preparations are in dark glass bottles, which preserves the unique properties of all natural ingredients.


Cinchona Bark: it is used to reinforce and repair the hair, to tonify and repair the hair.

Vitis Vinifera: has an antioxidant and antiaging action.

Yarrow: has dermo functional properties, anti-inflammatory, astringent, reinforcing, anti-reddening and anti-sebum action.


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Organic Essence 100ml