Shampoo Eliokap 250ml


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The Shampoo tailored on you

Gently cleanses the scalp provides the necessary nutrition protects the hair from aggressive environmental influences.
A unique shampoo based on amphoteric phyto base ph-5 5, containing hydrolyzed proteins and plant extracts and highly concentrated essential oils, perfectly cleanses the scalp and hair.
To create an individual composition, it is possible to mix several phyto essences in various proportions and combinations.

Method of use:
In combination with phyto essences, it is used to cleanse the scalp before and after procedures, as well as daily care.
Apply 5-15 ml of shampoo to wet hair, emulsify with water until a soft foam is obtained, wash hair and scalp thoroughly, then rinse.
Repeat the procedure.

Personalization of the Shampoo

From a recent research the consumer is always searching for more personalized products, because it is becoming common belief that a personalized product is more efficient. Eliokap Top Level, strongly believing in the personalization of the product, as always worked with the shampoo and the different phytoessences.

The Shampoo Eliokap is a delicate bathe, that respects the natural pH of the scalp. The Personalization emerges from the possibility of utilizing it on its own or in combination with the different phials, specific for every type of anomaly of the scalp.

The way of use of the shampoo is extremely easy and immediate.

All you have to do, is mix the specific phytoessence in the shampoo and you will obtain the personalized bathe, tailored on your needs.
If you present more than one anomaly, as for example hair loss problems with greasy scalp problems, you can mix them together, for a higher level of personalization.

Volume: 250ml 


Lactic acid - has a mild cleansing effect. Effectively dissolves sebaceous plugs, various impurities, without loosening the skin.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein - has conditioning properties, gives hair shine.

Peppermint (extract and essential oil) - cleanses the scalp from excess fat, dust, dirt.
It enhances blood circulation, has an antiseptic and tonic effect.

Eucalyptus (extract and essential oil) is a wound healing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal agent.

Seaside pine (extract and essential oil) - helps strengthen and grow hair, improve its structure and remove dandruff.


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Shampoo Eliokap 250ml