Soothing and Cleansing Treatment

The treatment will effectively cleanse the scalp, alleviate the negative effects of chemical treatments or environmental pollution, and finally restore its balance.

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Calmante 100ml + CalmOrising Shampoo 250ml + Helianthi's Color Protection Mask 250ml

Calmante 100ml - Rich in natural active principles, helps to protect the scalp during the chemical treatments. Has calming properties for cases of reddening and itching.


Helianthi's Color Protection Mask 250ml It allows excellent combing thanks to the presence of sunflower seeds extracts. It helps to protect the hair color from the negative effects of sunlight. Does note make hair heavy and makes it soft.


CalmOrising Shampoo 250ml -  is an innovative method of taking care of the scalp in a simple and natural way. The CalmORising hair shampoo guarantees the cleansing needed for delicate or irritated skin. It has a refreshing, balancing and moisturizing effect that additionally stimulates blood flow. It can be used for frequent washing as well as in cases of dandruff.

Method of use:

1) Calmante 100 ml - Before chemical treatment - apply directly to the scalp, do not rinse. Otherwise - massage into the scalp and leave for about 10 minutes, then rinse and use soothing shampoo

2) Helianthi's Color Protection mask 250 mlRozprowadzić równomiernie niewielką ilość produktu na całą długość włosów, rozczesać i pozostawić na parę minut. Spłukać ciepłą wodą. 

3) CalmOrising Shampoo 250 ml - Apply to damp hair, massage gently, then rinse and repeat the action, wait 2-3 minutes and rinse again with water.


Calmante 100ml

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Soothing and Cleansing Treatment