Hair Reconstruction Treatment

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The treatment will naturally strengthen your hair and protect it against the negative effects of the environment or chemical treatments such as dyeing.

Optimally selected products have nutritional, strengthening and antioxidant properties.

1. ArgOrising Moisturizing Hair Wash 250ml protective of the hair fibre, based on organic Argan oil – advised for all types of hair, mostly for dry and damaged hair; cleans in a very delicate way, improving the elasticity and leaving the hair soft and full-bodied.

2. Ristrukturante Mask 250ml - Gives a strong contribution of micronized keratin and amino acids that help the deep reconstruction of damaged hair.

3. Lotion Proteica 100ml - rich in amino-acids obtained from the silk proteins, has strong protection properties against the chemical treatments. It is advised to be mixed into the hair colours. Applied on the lengths, makes the hair soft, shiny and full-bodied. Do not rinse.


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Hair Reconstruction Treatment