Strengthening and Moisturizing Treatment

The treatment is intended for dry and damaged hair. The active ingredients contained in it have strengthening properties

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The set is especially recommended for people with excessively dry, damaged and falling out hair. Optimally selected products create a treatment that will effectively eliminate this type of ailment.

5-Alf Shampoo 250 ml + Energetic Hair Pack with coconut 250 ml + Lotion Caduta Fair Hair Loss 100 ml

5-Alf Shampoo - The unique shampoo formula rich in natural plant extracts is ideal for weak and brittle hair. All these ingredients ensure proper hydration and nutrition of the hair and help maintain their structure

Coconut mask 250ml - Yellow product designed for weak and damaged hair. The mask has a moisturizing, softening, smoothing and protective effect. Contains coconut oil and oat extracts. The mask gives hair shine without weighing it down.

Lotion Caduta 100 ml - Formulas specifically studied for products intended for sensitive scalp and premature hair loss. The hair wash, the tonic lotion and the reinforcing mask act gently on the scalp and hair since their composition is rich in natural elements.

Method of use: 

1) 5-Alf shampoo -  gently massage into wet hair, then rinse. Shake well before use

2) After shampooing the head, apply the mask for a few or several minutes (depending on the scale of the problem, type and condition of the hair) and then rinse with water.

3) After rinsing, apply the mask by gently massaging about 5 ml of the liquid into the scalp. We do not rinse!


Lotion Eliokap Grasso 100ml


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Coconut Oil Hair Wash 750ml

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Orising Styling Line

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Strengthening and Moisturizing Treatment