Lotion + Shampoo HG System Biocomplex

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H.G. System is an innovative line formulated with plant extracts coming from certified organic cultivations, without parabens and ingredients of animal origin. It is the ideal treatment for those who have thinning, slow growth, thin hair.

HG System 95 ml

Lotion, in addition to shampoo and active ingredients, are the most important and most effective element of the HG System treatment

HG System shampoo 250 ml 

It belongs to the family of products (shampoo, active ingredients and ampoules) that make up the complete HG System bio-care treatment. It can be used as part of a treatment or alone for daily care.

How to use:
After washing the head with HG System shampoo, apply the contents of the lotion, gently massaging it into the scalp. Do not rinse!

Recommended for:

  • - hair loss
  • - weak, thin and brittle hair
  • - for daily care


  • Combined extract of chincona, farfara and yarrow, in synergy with the extract of red vine:
  • 1- Helps to stimulate the keratinocytes increase, therefore the production of keratin which is an essential element for hair growth
  • 2- Stimulates proteinic metabolism of fibroblasts and favour their trichological genetic role;
  • 3- Limits the damages of oxidative stress, which can lead to premature death of dermal papilla cells. Protects hair energetic metabolism, ensuring the right nutritional entake
  • Sage – stimulating, firming, mineralizing and purifying properties
  • Rosemary and nettle – stimulating action on hair bulb
  • Protein rice – moisturizing and nourishing action


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Lotion + Shampoo HG System Biocomplex